Week 2; Discovery, disappointment and delight

This week has been an interesting mix of nudie discovery, disappointment and delight! As the second week of our Directed Studies project began, Ondine, Paige and I were enthusiastic about getting started on… Continue reading

Nudes in motion

Hello Nudie lovers! So I’ve had some great comments on the amazing Hermissenda crassicornis photo on my header! So here’s the link to the photographer’s page, check him out, there’s some fantastic nudie pics… Continue reading

Meet the Nudies!

With the beginning of Directed Studies week underway we set about collecting our study organism the nudibranch Hermissenda crassicornis! H.crassicornis, the ‘Opalescent nudibranch’ has a slender, mainly transparent body with numerous cerata (finger-like projections… Continue reading


Chemical warfare, firing missiles, hidden weapons of mass destruction! Don’t stress it’s not the apocalypse, just Nudi-warfare! Marine organisms possess an extensively wide array of different defenses to predation. With their expressive, flamboyant coloration and… Continue reading

The exciting life history of Ulva spp.

Today’s edition of our introduction to the world of algae took us down the convoluted path of algae life histories and reproduction. It’s not as simple as the birds and the bees may… Continue reading

Let the blog begin!

Hello everyone! Today marks the official beginning to my marine biology blog. I hope you all find it informative and helpful in your own studies and inquires about the marine world and the… Continue reading